Austin Scott, improv teacher at House Improv

Austin Scott

Austin has over 10 years of experience performing, teaching classes, and coaching improv teams. For several years, Austin ran Improvamonium, Western NY’s longest-running (and 100% free) improv comedy festival. He’s been featured in other festivals such as DuoFest in Philadelphia, the Fall Back Comedy Fest in Rochester, and has performed several times in the Del Close Marathon in NYC.

Since bringing his talents to Gainesville, Austin has taught his Intro to Improv class, the first of which became local long-form team Sometimes Funny, and is the current Co-Artistic Director. He’s the current coach of Sometimes Funny and performs with three-person team JAN.

Jon Branch, teacher at House Improv

Jon Branch

Jon’s improv adventure began in May 2016 and he still hasn’t stopped obsessing. He can be found performing in the long-form team Sometimes Funny, Surprise Retirement Party and Jan, while coaching and teaching for groups around Gainesville! He currently coaches the Mandy’s Mangos and the Level 1 improv Class. Jon is also the Co-Artistic Director, Managing Director and Founder of House Improv. When not reading, watching, or doing improv he enjoys playing guitar, going to concerts, and trying not to eat carbs. If you ever have questions about improv Jon will talk to you forever about it!